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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE BUYING MOTORCYCLE SUNGLASSES AND GOGGLES When you're soaring down the open road on your motorcycle, your sunglasses or goggles are a necessary piece of equipment. Motorcycle sunglasses and goggles let you see unimpeded by the elements, so you can enjoy the road the ...

August 14th 2019

A Motorcycle Helmet Will Now Call an Ambulance and Text Your Family If You Have an Accident

Many people in Pakistan drive motorcycles. An Islamabad startup hopes their helmet will keep them safe. In Pakistan, it is not uncommon to see large families, including children, piled up on a motorbike. Three percent of households have cars, but 43 percent of households have motorcycles, acco...

December 27th 2017

Honda just unveiled a motorcycle that’s sorta powered by wind

By Bruce Brown Honda is experimenting with wind energy to power motorcycle information amenities. At the recent EICMA in Milan, the Honda CB4 Interceptor concept platform bore a headlight nacelle-mounted wind tunnel. An automotive concept platform is a vehicle that exists solely for test...

December 10th 2017

Humanity Finally Wins One as a Human Racer Defeats Yamaha's Robot Motorcycle

A.I. motorcycle racers can't beat our best. Yet. By David Grossman Humans have been getting their tails handed to them by computers. A.I. has been regularly trouncing humanity in classic games like chess, Go, and Mortal Kombat for years now. But there's one area wh...

October 31st 2017

HFK launches $300 motorcycle DVR with real-time social media sharing

Shenzhen-based HFK used the 2017 China International Motorcycle Fair in Chongqing this week to launch a product that just might become a killer app for motorcycles: a purpose-built Digital Video Recorder with 60 fps, 1080P (1920 x 1080) video recording from front- and rear-facing cameras, plus ...

September 27th 2017

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